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Dr. Dina Mintz, D.D.S.

I discovered dentistry as a young kid after having my fillings done and can remember running to the bathroom as soon as the dentist was done to see what kind of craftsmanship he had performed in my mouth. I was mesmerized. In high school I worked with my older sister at her dental office and realized how much I liked the environment and how much fun I was having learning the different practices. When it was time to decide what career path to take, it was a simple decision.

I studied and graduated from the University of Technology in Mexico City for Dentistry, with honours distinction and at the top of my class. I immigrated to Vancouver in 1990 and began to immerse myself in the Canadian dental world right away. I obtained certification to work as a dental hygienist and assistant while I was writing the Canadian National Dental Board. As soon as I was a board registered dentist, I kick-started my practice working among experienced practitioners. I have been practicing dentistry in Canada for a total of 23 years and began my independent practice 14 years ago.

As patients can attest, I love coming to work, interacting with my staff, taking care of my patients and the impact I can provide about something I am passionate about. My staff and I are committed to bettering ourselves through continued education. We all take many additional courses throughout the year to learn about the latest findings in dentistry. When I am not at work, you can find me at the park or at the dog beach with Amy, with my 2 wonderful children and spending time with my family.


Fanny Auyoung

I graduated from the Dental technician program at Vancouver Community College but found a love for dental administration. I enjoy sharing a work environment with our the wonderful team and consider them as family. The human connections I have created with my patients over the past three decades makes my work even more enjoyable. Not a day goes by in the office without fun and laughter. Outside of work, I treasure spending time with my family, trying different foods and travelling the world with them.


Bosco Kwan

I graduated from the College of New Caldeonia in Prince George, BC and have been a team member with Dr. Mintz since 2017. I am passionate about clinical dental hygiene techniques and strive for a gentle and thorough approach. Outside of work, I enjoy entertaining, good food, family and all things sports!  I am kept busy with my baby and also enjoy woodworking in my spare time.


Roz Cooper

I have enjoyed being a member of Dr Mintz's dental team for 2 1/2 years. I graduated from the dental hygiene program at the University of Manitoba and spent 3 years as a clinical dental instructor at a Vancouver dental college. I established a continuing education study club for dental hygiene professionals and am responsible for signing up speakers who provide monthly lectures. I pride myself on my excellent dental hygiene skills and I am both thorough but gentle and sensitive to patient concerns. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and travelling.


Rosalie Ling

Born and raised in beautiful Johannesburg, South Africa. In the late 70’s, I immigrated to Canada with my husband to build a life for ourselves and had a desire to study in the medical field. (dentistry) and graduated in 1984 from the Ortho program at U B C. I joined this dedicate dream team with Dr Mintz over a decade ago. I appreciate her conservative approach to all her treatment planning and love our patients who treat their appointment as social visits, for this I have never looked back! My passion is cooking, baking and many forms of sports. 


Shira Reden

I am the newest member of the team. I have been a dental assistant for 15 years working in general practices as well as specialty practices all throughout Vancouver. My goal has always been to provide each patient with a positive dental experience. My friendly disposition and warm personality are a great fit with the Team. When I’m not at work, I am busy keeping up with my 2 children and family going on walks, biking, playing hockey or simply out walking the dog.​



Hi friends! I’m Amy, the office mascot and therapy dog.


I specialize in greeting you with a warm smile, a wagging tail and the occasional lick. I’ll sit on your lap as you get your dental work done to make sure you feel alright.


I’m staying home during Covid19, but I’ll be back soon! :)

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